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Banking regulatory reporting

Regulatory reporting is the reporting that all banks are obliged to provide to the banking authorities. These reports compile all bank data so that the banking authorities can be informed about the bank’s state of health.


National (Autorité de contrôle prudentiel et de résolution (ACPR) – Banque de France)

  • Balance of Payments (BLP – Monthly): financial reporting containing the transaction report and statement of customer payments, which enables the Banque de France to produce the national balance of payments. (Text file and Excel)
  • SURFI (Unified Financial Reporting System – Monthly & Quarterly): Financial reporting that concerns all banks and credit institutions. Allows the BDF to trace back to the BDF the banking statistics as well as the accounting balance sheets.
  • PROTIDE (Production of statistics on securities holdings – Monthly & quarterly): Allows the bank’s statistics on securities holdings to be reported to the BDF.
  • RISK (Centralization of Risks – Monthly): Lists and sends to the BDF all loans granted to Third Parties that exceed €25,000 in outstanding loans.


European (European Banking Authority (EBA) – European Central Bank)

  • FINREP (Financial reporting – quarterly): Equivalent to SURFI reporting at European level.
  • COREP (Common reporting – quarterly): Prudential reporting to determine the bank’s risk exposure. Contains capital adequacy (BASEL 2 & BASEL 3) and a list of large risk clients.
  • Asset Encumbrance (Encumbered Assets – quarterly): Prudential reporting that tracks assets held to determine the bank’s ability to obtain liquidity.
  • Liquidity (Liquidity – quarterly): Reporting used to calculate the liquidity recovery ratio and the long-term liquidity ratio.
  • AnaCredit (AnaCredit – Monthly): Financial reporting used to create a statistical database of credit extended by financial institutions. This will replace the French “Centralization of Risks” reporting.

Regulatory reporting software packages

Various software packages are available to assist in the preparation of reports to be provided to the banking authorities.

We mainly work with software from the Sopra Banking Software “Compliance” range


Our banking software integration services

Integration of reporting software packages

Banking reporting software packages are necessary for any banking and finance entity, facilitating their monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports to the banking authorities (Prudential Control Authority, European Banking Authority…).

In this context, we work with our clients, mainly on software from Sopra Banking Software’s Compliance range, in particular REPORT, RISK, CAD, and AnaCredit to cover all the actions required for their smooth operation:

  • Their installation,
  • Their interfacing with upstream data (formatting, enrichment),
  •  Their parameterization.

Help for technical maintenance

In order to respond to all the problems that may be encountered when using the software packages, we provide technical support.

Indeed, our technical expertise allows us to find long-lasting solutions to facilitate the future use of the products. Annual packages can be set up to meet all your needs.

Upgrade application version

Regulatory reporting is bound to evolve in line with French and European legislation. Regulatory reporting tools must therefore be regularly updated through patches or new versions.

We provide you with our expertise to deploy these updates and their configuration, in order to ensure the proper functioning of these products over the long term.

Calypso: the software package specialized in market finance

It is a solution developed by the American company Calypso. Intended for the world of market finance, it is widely used by corporate and investment banks.

This front-to-back software package covers trading as well as risk management and accounting for all financial products. These functionalities also allow for collateral and position management.

It is modular, allowing each bank to implement only those functionalities that interest it (certain products or only the back-office activity for example). This modularity also allows for greater robustness (a faulty module does not lead to a complete shutdown of the application). The lifecycle modeling of the different products is done in the form of a workflow, which makes customization easy. Being completely developed in Java, the customization of the software package is greatly facilitated.

Our Calypso integration services

Rades can intervene as project owner for :

  • Study the implementation of the Calypso software package within the existing information system.
  • Set up the software package to integrate into existing organizational processes
  • Identify, specify and test the customizations needed to fully meet the requirements

Rades can act as project main contractor for :

  • Integrate the Calypso software package within the existing IS
  • Develop the customizations necessary to fully meet the needs of the customer.

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