Operational excellence and supervision Lighthouse

Supervise your IS using Lighthouse

Lighthouse assists companies in managing their supervision and operational excellence issues.

A modular supervision architecture
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A set of good practices and a methodology around supervision
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A set of libraries implementing the RADèS expertise
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What are the benefits for my IS?

Lighthouse echoes the need to regain an overview, a synthesis of the state of a system that has become heterogeneous and complex. It then becomes critical to monitor the infrastructure and the applications it carries to see the real state of health of the IS.


Alert in real time to react more precisely and efficiently in case of an incident.


Are the applications that host business processes behaving normally?


Improve and refine the triggering of an incident in order to deal with it as soon as possible and reduce its impact, or even avoid it.

From an operational point of view

Lighthouse provides visibility into the business processes running across the various applications of the information system.


Giving business operation pilots visibility over the activity that passes through the system and providing them with an overview of their activities.


Effectively alert the teams concerned during an incident and identify more clearly the business impacts and consequences.


Better visibility of system activity and status provides valuable decision-making support, enabling optimization of activities and productivity.


Know the status of past and future processing flows and volumes.

From a decisional point of view

Lighthouse provides greater visibility into its business and the information system that underpins it, enabling it to make informed decisions to optimize its activities, the performance of its tools and teams, and thus increase its proactivity.

Why did we create Lighthouse?

The demand for business supervision has accelerated since 2017. A greater market appetite for operational excellence due to :

  • The maturation of formalized business processes that have been put in place and which, once mature, still present dysfunctions
  • Awareness of the negative effects on the image and the costs of these dysfunctions.

A threefold observation made with our historical clients:

Willingness to implement solutions that are less cumbersome and less expensive than the historical software packages.
Willingness to use tools better adapted to the large volumes of data produced by IS.
Necessity of interfacing with the different application bricks of the IS.

What can I supervise in my IS with Lighthouse?

The different forms of supervision on the market that do not meet the same expectations, do not implement identical levels of information or generate similar levels of response.

 These different levels of information are not exclusive, and combined or assembled with Lighthouse they form a control tower and offer a 360° view of the information system, adapted to all its users.

Infrastructure & application

Infrastructure and application monitoring provides a technical overview, and maintains a clear vision of the state and architecture of the lower layers of the IS.


Flow monitoring allows to ensure fluidity and to highlight any slowdown. It also ensures the ability of the system to handle future flows.

Production plan

Properly supervising the production plan means giving business teams visibility on the health and freshness of the data they are going to handle, and informing them of business actions that may or may not be processed under good conditions.

Business activity

Business supervision is a valuable decision-making aid that enables activities to be managed more closely and more proactively, but also to react more quickly in the event of a drift.


Process supervision allows to measure and improve the performance, productivity and quality of a service provided to the customer through a business process.

How does Lighthouse fit into my IS?

An architecture composed of three distinct modules:


Ergonomic returns and parameterization screens for all types of users.

Business intelligence

Transformation of raw IS data into supervisable business information. Your business and your constraints, our expertise !

Data manager

In charge of data collection, storage and preparation.

Separate responsibilities and separation of the different modules allowing them to be totally or partially integrated into your IS and to interface with your various existing application components.

Standardization of communications between modules via APIs, allowing external requests (reporting, artificial intelligence, etc.) and the addition of new modules in the future.

Supply and communication with your tools (ticketing, reporting, etc.) and integration into your existing applications.

Suite Elastic

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